NYSPHSAA Scrimmage Guidelines


Please adhere to these NYSPHSAA Scrimmage Guidelines….any deviation could result in your scrimmage being considered a game.


We are only allowed 16 games at the JV and Varsity Levels so if your scrimmage does not follow the rules below your scrimmage may be considered a game…and you would be over the 16 game limit and your entire season will end immediately.


Scrimmages:  A lacrosse  scrimmage  must have  modified  time  periods and  include

one or more of the following:

  1. Alternate possessions
  2. Start the scrimmage with either a Draw (girls) or a Face-off (boys)
  3. Include the following game situations:
    1. Face-off/Draws – Boys/Girls
    2. Clears and Rides – Boys/Girls
    3. Extra Man and Man-Down– Boys/Girls
    4. Fast Breaks – Boys/Girls