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Cheerleading - Music Regulations

This Spring USA Cheer distributed new regulations regarding their competitions and the music that teams are using during their competitions.  USA Cheer does not have jurisdiction over our cheerleading events as we follow NFHS rules.  Although the music copyright laws have not changed USA Cheer is now requiring proof of proper license to use the music during the cheerleading routine. 


The NYSPHSAA is not following suite with the USA Cheer regulations and we have spoken with our legal counsel, Renee James, and she has created the attached document to help remind and guide our schools with the copyright laws. 


If you have any questions, please contact the NYSPHSAA office and speak with Todd Nelson.

Download this file (NYSPHSAA.CheerMusicGuidelines.pdf)Cheerleading - Music Regulations[ ]252 kB